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You can park in the streets around Oosthoek Live or in the parking lot of the town hall and the Westrand.

A bicycle shed is provided at the entrance of the site. The organization does not provide security here.

Oosthoek Live is within walking distance of the stops Dilbeek Kasteelhoeve, Dilbeek Gemeenteplein and Dilbeek Moeremanslaan. These can be reached via lines 129, 136, 810 and 820. For more information, please visit the De Lijn The station of Dilbeek is located at a distance of 3 km.


Just like every year, the site will be closed for safety reasons during the evening events. Anyone wishing to enter the site will be subject to a check. Backpacks and handbags will also be checked. To avoid queues, we recommend leaving backpacks at home if possible.

Payment Methods

Cash, Bancontact, (online bank contact & payconiq)

Minimum age

Everyone is welcome at Oosthoek Live, young and old.

Opening hours

  • Friday 30.09

    • vibes: 16h00 - 03h00

  • Saturday 01.10

    • kubb cup: 13h30 - 17h00

    • east corner live w/: 21h00 - 04h00

  • Sunday 02.10

    • coffee: 10h00 – 17h00

    • quiz: 19h30 - 23h00

  • Monday 03.10

    • fair kaffee: 10h00 - 18h00​

    • concert night: 21h00 - 01h00

Forbidden to bring:

  • own drinks and food

  • drugs or narcotics

  • sharp objects and weapons

  • professional photo and recording equipment

  • all objects that can be considered dangerous

Alcohol Policy

Strict rules apply to the use of alcohol. An age check can be performed. If no valid proof of identity can be presented, you will be placed in the -16 category.

  • -16: All types of alcohol prohibited

  • 16-18: Beer is allowed, liquor is prohibited

  • +18: All types of alcohol are allowed. Don't drink and drive.

Bringing your own alcohol is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.

Drug Policy

Possession and/or use of drugs is strictly prohibited.

Unwanted/aggressive behaviour

This will not be tolerated, the organization reserves the right to remove the person in question from the site and refuse access.


It is not permitted to distribute and/or hang up flyers, posters or other promotional material on and around the site without permission from the organisation. You can submit a request for this via the contact form at the bottom of the site.


Sold tickets and drink vouchers cannot be exchanged. The closing hours of the cash register and the bar are communicated via the screens above the bar.


  • Reservation link: will follow later

  • Location: Grass area just outside the tent

  • Shapes and sizes:

    • Small with power: 9.5cm H - 19cm W - 32.5cm D

    • Large: 24cm H - 20cm W - 37.5cm D

    • Large with power: 24cm H - 20cm W - 32cm D

    • Power only (socket), no cables included

  • Locker can be opened unlimited during the opening hours of the event.

  • All lockers will be emptied at the end of the event, 30 minutes after the last show.

        Lost & found is issued to the organization

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